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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey folks. I am now taking requests and commissions for customs. Please post your requests below, and if you are looking for me to custom a figure FOR you, please contact me at hazardfilms@yahoo.com. I will do my best to contact you with a quote as soon as I can!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here is one of my favorite Green Lantern Characters. Apros is one of the oldest members of the Green Lantern Corps. He is a highly decorated and respected officer. When not patrolling Space Sector 3, he uses his psionic powers to train rookies and help them learn to overcome their fears.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soranik Natu

I've done some customs before, but most have been GL inspired original characters, video game characters, and (ahem) off-color customs, but here is my first actual GL character custom, Soranik Natu!

Essentially, it is a repaint of the JLA Vixen. I did have to sand off some of her jewelry though. Here are some pics! BTW...It is very hard to paint boobs and not feel perverted...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creepy Rape Van!

I've been thinking about doing this one for a while, finally got around to doing so. Introducing the new Soldier for the War for Cybertron...and your innocence! Special Delivery, the Transforming Rape Van!


"Don't be a P*ssy, this guy seems legit."



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doc Robot: Revisited

I've slowly grown to hate my realistic skull face that I originally fashioned for my Doc Robot Custom, so I decided to sculpt a new head from scratch with Sculpey! Needless to say, I think it is 20XX times better!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Brandon Clayton...Rise!

Just finished this creepy beauty. It's a Black Lantern version of my Green Lantern Brandon Clayton figure (See Prior Post.) This variation of the Living Dead Brandon Clayton includes a skeletal arm and a bloody axe, for body-choppin', heart-chompin' action!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Abundance of Black Lantern Figures... RISE!: Blackest Night Wave 4 Review

I am a huge Green Lantern fan. I will try not to let that affect my review of thise figures. Though, if you aren't a fan, then why are you buying figures from a specific comic line?


Wave 4, released today, includes Black Lantern Wonder Woman, Kyle Rayner w/Power Battery, Black Hand with "Batman" skull. and Black Lantern Firestorm.


I would have to say that this particular Wonder Woman figure is by far the best female sculpt I've seen in the Green Lantern/Blackest Night line. The painting looks amazing and it comes with her trusty lasso. She has 13 excellent points of articulation. My only complaint is that ANOTHER Wonder Woman will be released in this line, that so far, doesn't look nearly as good as this one. I would have to say Black Lantern Wonder Woman is my favorite of Wave 4.


Next up is Kyle Rayner. I was perfectly fine with my JLA Kyle in his Ion costume. He fit in well with the other DC Direct GL line. Early photos made this figure look very bulky, but holding him in my hands looks and feels more accurate. He comes with his new power battery. He also has 13 points articulation, however, Kyle's arms are articulated at the elbow and the top of the forearm. The articulation on his forearm is a little strange and means to turn his wrist or hand, you have to turn his whole forearm. Other than that, the figure looks great!


Again, I wasn't happy with early photos of this new Black Hand sculpt, and again, I was pleasantly surprised. Black hand has 13 points of articulation, and his leg articulation is a little bulky, but it works! My only real complaint lies with his accessory.


As you can see, the side of the "Batman" skull has a bizarre black rectangle. Hint of things to come or just a manufacturing flaw? Other than this minor detail, the new sculpt is amazing!


Finally we have Black Lantern Firestorm or "Blirestorm" for those who wish to save a few breaths. Early photos made this the must have figure of the line. In hands, the figure is good, but not as good as it was anticipated to be. It has 13 points of articulation, but since his costume design expands from this torso to his legs, moving his legs disrupts the silver line in the costume design. It might not seem bad, but it BUGS the hell out of me. The blue goes well with the monochromatic costume, unlike the dark yellow used for Aquaman in the previous wave. I guess I pictured the fire on his head more separated into strands like the fire on his chest. The fire on his head is a solid blob of plastic. The figure still looks pretty cool, but a little less than what I was expecting.

Overall, a very good wave, Most of the articulation was good, the sculpts look amazing, and the figures can stand fully on their respected bases, unlike the one-foot stylings of Kryb in wave 2. All in all, a very good addition to the line. BRING ON WAVE 5!